Saturday, July 14, 2007

Weekend Part I

So - the weekend is off to an alright start - save for some 'tiff's Friday night, but KFC used as a peace offering seemed to work pretty good.

Oh, and the "assgrabber" at WalMart on Friday just was a GRRRRREAT start to my weekend. Nothing like a 13/14 year old grabbing your ass, then on the SECOND time he does it, going to push him away - having him RUN into your arm - and his mom call security on your for 'hitting' her son. Yeah, security and I had it out, lemme tell ya'. Basically, if they (the kids mom) was going to try to get something against me for 'violence' I was going to get something against them for 'sexual assault'. Stupid ass people. They just decided to walk away. *grrrruph grrrrruph grrrruph*

BUT - a really cute thing - got a picture of some freaky deaky smoke snorting man-thing outside my window... The fun that can be had with a cigarette and a flashlight. Guess it just doesn't take much sometimes. *giggles*

Shared a song with Chris that I forgot how much in love I was with it:

Lemon Parade by Tonic

I wish I'd seen you as a little girl
without your armor to fend off the world.
I would have kept you underneath my wing.
I would protect you from every thing.

Make way for the lemon parade.
Make way for my girl.
Make way for hte lemon parade.
Make way for my girl.

And did the boys all teast you when they had the chance.
Always left standing when it came time to dance.
Did you hid behind your books girl, did you find your secret friends.
Always I'll want you, always 'til the end.

Make way for the lemon parade.
Make way for my girl.
Make way for hte lemon parade.
Make way for my girl.


Today was nice. We went up to see Dot at Celtic Myth and Moonlight. I picked up my new pentacle necklace. I know, it's different for me to get something with gold in it, but I just liked the look of it all. I ended up ordering a new set of jewelery - pendant, ring and earrings. I can't wait until it comes in. It's absolutely gorgeous - by Dryad Designs/Peterstone. *dies*

Also got some new incense and some oils. I'm now working on my Persephone oil. Should be done in a few weeks. YAY!

I also came up with a new perfume oil that seems to work REALLY REALLY good on me. It's White Amber, Ambergris, and Peppermint. I'm thinking of adding some of my 'pheremone' oil to it as well for tonight. Or maybe that just might pack TOO much of a punch.

And now - it's just relaxing until the primping and beautifying starts to get ready for The Farm. SOOO cannot wait.

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