Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good Weekend

This was a very good weekend.

Friday night was a night filled with BlueWave Raspberry Vodka and CranRaspberry Light Fruit Juice. *yummers*

Saturday morning we met the folks for breakfast - then the guys headed out to a gun shop and mom and I did some fun shopping.

We hit the Flower and Basket Warehouse where I found this cute little basket thing of a peacock that matches my garden stake. LOVE it.

Had to return home quick for a mom emergency - then headed right back out to JoAnne's - sadly - they didn't have the yarn caddy I had my eye on - but I DID find a cute little garden stake of a flamingo - so HAD to get that for Chris. *chuckles*

Then we did the Dollar Store - got the guys some toy pop guns and little can targets to support THEIR hobby - and I got these candles I LOVE - and haven't been able to find them for almost two years - it's an aromatherapy blend for 'sensuality'. I don't give two craps what it's for - I just like the sniff of it. :-P

Then we headed to Kohl's to try to find these Wicked Witch of the West shirts - but sadly - their size XL would fit, maybe, my wrist. I DID get a cool skull t-shirt - it's a guys shirt - I dont' care - got one for Chris too. Mom ended up getting me a rolling luggage thing for my yarn and projects. It's 85% the same as the yarn tote I saw at Joann'es - was about $10 cheaper and came with a free duffle bag that matches - only biggest difference is it opens along the side, not the top - but that can be dealt with.

Then, at the checkout at Kohls' - I saw a She-Ra/Princess of Power collection DVD set. I oogled over it - mom saw it - and well - it's mine now. I haven't subjected Chris to that - I don't think I could be that cruel to him. I'll watch it this week while I'm working on my granny blankie.

Saturday night we turned in early - Chris was so tired. I think it's residual stress from the first week of work and the goings on with that. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that things will start going a bit smoother. I think they all just need to sit down and have a good conversing.

Today was one of those "get shit done around the house" days. Chris mowed - I cleaned the inside of the house good. It was tiring, but it felt good to get it done.

I stayed home while Chris ran up to take care of his doggies - and on the way back he got stuff for taco's. *yum* I think tacos are like, my FAV food of all time - next to some GOOD wings. Which reminds me - I REALLY need to take him to Kokomo's - just a shame it's not nearby. *shniffles*

I'm now just waiting for the load of whites in the dryer - then once laundry is folded and put away it's sleepy time.

As a side note - this evening I reopened a account - and am on the hunt - with Chris' approval - so we shall see how this goes. Who knows....

Right now - I'm just looking forward to some snuggle time tonight.......sleepy girlie - and the melatonin hasn't kicked in yet....

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