Monday, July 16, 2007


Well - it's Monday today - that means back to work. *blah* It was a good day - learned a bit more about the invoicing - confusing - but I'm sure I'll get it eventually.

Treated Chris to lunch - he had first day jitters - it was kinda cute.

He went back home this evening - already miss him - but quite honestly - looking forward to being able to sprawl on the bed tonight. *chuckles*

Had to remind him to not call me during my 'sacred' hour - 9-10 tonight. Mustn't disturb my "Big Love" time. *giggles*

Got the package today from CapCure/Prostate Cancer Foundation. They sent some goodies for giveaways at my Blogathon.

I'm thinking about going and heating up some chili and maybe actually eating something for dinner.

Luhmpie and Ash are in here with me bugging the crap out of me - and I have NO idea what they want. Luhmpie is sitting by the vent in the floor looking down into the basement and crying - and Fatty/Ash is head butting my elbow. Think maybe he can see the bottom of his food dish and he's getting nervous.

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