Sunday, July 29, 2007

Obligatory Weekend Post

Where did this weekend go? Goodness it went fast.

Saturday, dad and Chris went to the gunclub to do manly things and shoot guns. They had a great time.

Mom and I went out shopping, again. We got the pattern for "the dress". Now, we're just deciding if we're doing the practical joke with the dress, or going for 'normal'.

Got some skirts - and - got my hair done! We went to the salon at JC Penny's - and the chic there was SUPER GREAT. I was sooo nervous to get my hair cut/styled with the hair loss and all - but this girl was great. I'm so happy with it. Nothing too drastic, but a nice little bit of a change.

Yesterday evening we had a friend over and that was nice as always.

Today - I spent most of the early afternoon getting my yarn organized:




And as always, one of the cats had to get in on the photographic goodness:

Now, for the rest of the day it's relaxing, then might go with Chris up to walk his dogs - and maybe a WalMart trip to get the stuff that wasn't in my bag on Friday - and a few odds and ends.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Volunteering and a sweet card

The meeting this evening for the AseraCaring Threads was fantastic. Seems there's been word flying around the hospice and various ederly homes - and quite a few residents are excited about the crochet items. A few have even requested "the sweet girl doing this" to come in and crochet with them and/or teach. How exciting!

On a cute and silly note, I got a card in the mail today - for no reason, other than it being oddly apropriate:



Appropriate, no? *chuckles*

Going to try my best to not be on this blasted machine all night....gotta get some kitty snuggle time in....


The crocheter's curseword: Frogging.

I had to frog what I THOUGHT was only going to be two, but was actually FOUR rounds of the Giant Granny Square Afghan. Stupid me forgot to post-it note or otherwise remind myself that Monday at work I finished the lavendar rows and should move to the variegated. Nope, next two days I'm working in lavendar. Finisehd a row, counted, and uttered a few choice cursewords and proceeded to frog.

Today - I have been smarter. I packed my yarn up this morning first thing. Yarn first, then shower.

This evening I'm meeting with P.H. for the AseraCaring Threads. Getting all the paperwork done, and all that good stuff. After this evening, I'll be an official 'organizer' for the AseraCaring Threads. Woot. Go me!

I'm just glad to be able to combine my interests/feelings/emotions - hospice and crocheting. I know I don't have a strong enough spirit to do the more indepth hospice volunteer work - so this is my little way of sharing some peace, comfort, and just a bit of magic.

Also talked to Chris this afternoon - poor thing is having a hell of a day - hit a bush outside the building with the trailer. *sighs*

At work now on break - just about to start hooking - but figured I'd update incase I don't get a chance to this evening...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good Weekend

This was a very good weekend.

Friday night was a night filled with BlueWave Raspberry Vodka and CranRaspberry Light Fruit Juice. *yummers*

Saturday morning we met the folks for breakfast - then the guys headed out to a gun shop and mom and I did some fun shopping.

We hit the Flower and Basket Warehouse where I found this cute little basket thing of a peacock that matches my garden stake. LOVE it.

Had to return home quick for a mom emergency - then headed right back out to JoAnne's - sadly - they didn't have the yarn caddy I had my eye on - but I DID find a cute little garden stake of a flamingo - so HAD to get that for Chris. *chuckles*

Then we did the Dollar Store - got the guys some toy pop guns and little can targets to support THEIR hobby - and I got these candles I LOVE - and haven't been able to find them for almost two years - it's an aromatherapy blend for 'sensuality'. I don't give two craps what it's for - I just like the sniff of it. :-P

Then we headed to Kohl's to try to find these Wicked Witch of the West shirts - but sadly - their size XL would fit, maybe, my wrist. I DID get a cool skull t-shirt - it's a guys shirt - I dont' care - got one for Chris too. Mom ended up getting me a rolling luggage thing for my yarn and projects. It's 85% the same as the yarn tote I saw at Joann'es - was about $10 cheaper and came with a free duffle bag that matches - only biggest difference is it opens along the side, not the top - but that can be dealt with.

Then, at the checkout at Kohls' - I saw a She-Ra/Princess of Power collection DVD set. I oogled over it - mom saw it - and well - it's mine now. I haven't subjected Chris to that - I don't think I could be that cruel to him. I'll watch it this week while I'm working on my granny blankie.

Saturday night we turned in early - Chris was so tired. I think it's residual stress from the first week of work and the goings on with that. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that things will start going a bit smoother. I think they all just need to sit down and have a good conversing.

Today was one of those "get shit done around the house" days. Chris mowed - I cleaned the inside of the house good. It was tiring, but it felt good to get it done.

I stayed home while Chris ran up to take care of his doggies - and on the way back he got stuff for taco's. *yum* I think tacos are like, my FAV food of all time - next to some GOOD wings. Which reminds me - I REALLY need to take him to Kokomo's - just a shame it's not nearby. *shniffles*

I'm now just waiting for the load of whites in the dryer - then once laundry is folded and put away it's sleepy time.

As a side note - this evening I reopened a account - and am on the hunt - with Chris' approval - so we shall see how this goes. Who knows....

Right now - I'm just looking forward to some snuggle time tonight.......sleepy girlie - and the melatonin hasn't kicked in yet....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I am sooo tired this evening - and I miss my Rogue already. *shniffles* The end of this month can't come fast enough for me.

Work was alright today - busy - which is good.

Now, I think I'm going off to veg and watch a movie or something.

Or sleep....

I'm soooo tired.....

Monday, July 16, 2007


Well - it's Monday today - that means back to work. *blah* It was a good day - learned a bit more about the invoicing - confusing - but I'm sure I'll get it eventually.

Treated Chris to lunch - he had first day jitters - it was kinda cute.

He went back home this evening - already miss him - but quite honestly - looking forward to being able to sprawl on the bed tonight. *chuckles*

Had to remind him to not call me during my 'sacred' hour - 9-10 tonight. Mustn't disturb my "Big Love" time. *giggles*

Got the package today from CapCure/Prostate Cancer Foundation. They sent some goodies for giveaways at my Blogathon.

I'm thinking about going and heating up some chili and maybe actually eating something for dinner.

Luhmpie and Ash are in here with me bugging the crap out of me - and I have NO idea what they want. Luhmpie is sitting by the vent in the floor looking down into the basement and crying - and Fatty/Ash is head butting my elbow. Think maybe he can see the bottom of his food dish and he's getting nervous.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Weekend Part I

So - the weekend is off to an alright start - save for some 'tiff's Friday night, but KFC used as a peace offering seemed to work pretty good.

Oh, and the "assgrabber" at WalMart on Friday just was a GRRRRREAT start to my weekend. Nothing like a 13/14 year old grabbing your ass, then on the SECOND time he does it, going to push him away - having him RUN into your arm - and his mom call security on your for 'hitting' her son. Yeah, security and I had it out, lemme tell ya'. Basically, if they (the kids mom) was going to try to get something against me for 'violence' I was going to get something against them for 'sexual assault'. Stupid ass people. They just decided to walk away. *grrrruph grrrrruph grrrruph*

BUT - a really cute thing - got a picture of some freaky deaky smoke snorting man-thing outside my window... The fun that can be had with a cigarette and a flashlight. Guess it just doesn't take much sometimes. *giggles*

Shared a song with Chris that I forgot how much in love I was with it:

Lemon Parade by Tonic

I wish I'd seen you as a little girl
without your armor to fend off the world.
I would have kept you underneath my wing.
I would protect you from every thing.

Make way for the lemon parade.
Make way for my girl.
Make way for hte lemon parade.
Make way for my girl.

And did the boys all teast you when they had the chance.
Always left standing when it came time to dance.
Did you hid behind your books girl, did you find your secret friends.
Always I'll want you, always 'til the end.

Make way for the lemon parade.
Make way for my girl.
Make way for hte lemon parade.
Make way for my girl.


Today was nice. We went up to see Dot at Celtic Myth and Moonlight. I picked up my new pentacle necklace. I know, it's different for me to get something with gold in it, but I just liked the look of it all. I ended up ordering a new set of jewelery - pendant, ring and earrings. I can't wait until it comes in. It's absolutely gorgeous - by Dryad Designs/Peterstone. *dies*

Also got some new incense and some oils. I'm now working on my Persephone oil. Should be done in a few weeks. YAY!

I also came up with a new perfume oil that seems to work REALLY REALLY good on me. It's White Amber, Ambergris, and Peppermint. I'm thinking of adding some of my 'pheremone' oil to it as well for tonight. Or maybe that just might pack TOO much of a punch.

And now - it's just relaxing until the primping and beautifying starts to get ready for The Farm. SOOO cannot wait.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Granny Square Blanket

I'm not exactly sure what prompted me to start this projects. Goddess knows I already have tons of WIP's. *chuckles* Patience maybe? I dunno....

This one though, I really like. No counting, no figuring, just DC's, Ch's, and that's it. There's really no rhyme or reason to the pattern I'm doing - the colors are a bright blue-ish purple and a bright 'candy' color type of variegated. Bright for me - but I like it.

As always, one of the cats had to get into the picture - it was Ash this time.

Right now, it's only about 12" X 12". I JUST ran out of the purple yarn, so this weekend I'll have to be sure to grab some more while we're out and about.


Well, I do believe I've somewhat got this blog set up and fairly well, I met add

I'm now on the hunt for some groups/linkage - but unsure as to where to find various blog interest groups/group blogs, whatever.

I'm sitting here now with the help of Luhmpie - who is upset that I didn't offer him any of my hot dog - so he is currently licking and chewing on my elbow.

This is the second day I've stayed home this week with this stupid toothache.

Now, I'm just getting through today - hoping this is the worst of it - gonna sit down and work a bit more on my granny square afghan. Might have to go out and get some more yarn for it - I'm not sure if I want to do that today or the weekend.

Not much else going on other than waiting for the weekend and our trip to The Farm Saturday night. Haven't been to the club in awhile and we're both REAlLY looking forward to it!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007