Thursday, July 26, 2007


The crocheter's curseword: Frogging.

I had to frog what I THOUGHT was only going to be two, but was actually FOUR rounds of the Giant Granny Square Afghan. Stupid me forgot to post-it note or otherwise remind myself that Monday at work I finished the lavendar rows and should move to the variegated. Nope, next two days I'm working in lavendar. Finisehd a row, counted, and uttered a few choice cursewords and proceeded to frog.

Today - I have been smarter. I packed my yarn up this morning first thing. Yarn first, then shower.

This evening I'm meeting with P.H. for the AseraCaring Threads. Getting all the paperwork done, and all that good stuff. After this evening, I'll be an official 'organizer' for the AseraCaring Threads. Woot. Go me!

I'm just glad to be able to combine my interests/feelings/emotions - hospice and crocheting. I know I don't have a strong enough spirit to do the more indepth hospice volunteer work - so this is my little way of sharing some peace, comfort, and just a bit of magic.

Also talked to Chris this afternoon - poor thing is having a hell of a day - hit a bush outside the building with the trailer. *sighs*

At work now on break - just about to start hooking - but figured I'd update incase I don't get a chance to this evening...

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