Sunday, July 29, 2007

Obligatory Weekend Post

Where did this weekend go? Goodness it went fast.

Saturday, dad and Chris went to the gunclub to do manly things and shoot guns. They had a great time.

Mom and I went out shopping, again. We got the pattern for "the dress". Now, we're just deciding if we're doing the practical joke with the dress, or going for 'normal'.

Got some skirts - and - got my hair done! We went to the salon at JC Penny's - and the chic there was SUPER GREAT. I was sooo nervous to get my hair cut/styled with the hair loss and all - but this girl was great. I'm so happy with it. Nothing too drastic, but a nice little bit of a change.

Yesterday evening we had a friend over and that was nice as always.

Today - I spent most of the early afternoon getting my yarn organized:




And as always, one of the cats had to get in on the photographic goodness:

Now, for the rest of the day it's relaxing, then might go with Chris up to walk his dogs - and maybe a WalMart trip to get the stuff that wasn't in my bag on Friday - and a few odds and ends.

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