Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Well, I do believe I've somewhat got this blog set up and fairly well, I met add

I'm now on the hunt for some groups/linkage - but unsure as to where to find various blog interest groups/group blogs, whatever.

I'm sitting here now with the help of Luhmpie - who is upset that I didn't offer him any of my hot dog - so he is currently licking and chewing on my elbow.

This is the second day I've stayed home this week with this stupid toothache.

Now, I'm just getting through today - hoping this is the worst of it - gonna sit down and work a bit more on my granny square afghan. Might have to go out and get some more yarn for it - I'm not sure if I want to do that today or the weekend.

Not much else going on other than waiting for the weekend and our trip to The Farm Saturday night. Haven't been to the club in awhile and we're both REAlLY looking forward to it!

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