Thursday, August 2, 2007


It's finally done, yay!
I finished the Lavendar/Vareigated Giant Granny Square Lapghan at work today. Was going pretty fast to finish that last row of the border - but I did it, and only went five minutes over break time, which nobody cared about because they're all watching me!!

Normally I take better and more artsy photos - but it's too damned hot outside, the neighbors dog has been barking all evening, and we have those killer cicada wasps burrowing all over the yard. So I'm not being artsy today.
Work is getting a bit more stressful, but that's a good thing. I just hope they remember there's only so much of Jess to go around.
On a good note - tomorrow is "Bunny" day - which means some more UV Vodka and a relaxing weekend.
I think the meetup that I was planning for our witchy crafty group isn't going to happen - so we'll have the whole weekend to ourselves with nothing planned. This could be good or bad.
Other than that, I'm hot and starting to get hungry, so am going to think about what to do for dinner...


Aurora said...

I really love the granny square afghan, especially the colors!!

Anonymous said...

Love the granny... just what I am looking for. Could you tell me where I can get the pattern?

My email is

Thanks so much...