Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weekend - so far

So far, it's been a good weekend.

Friday night I ended up falling asleep earlier than planned - but you'll have this.
Today, Saturday - we enjoyed walking up and down Penn Ave. in West Reading. Reminds me of a mini New Hope. I got my new jewelery from CCM&M. That's a picture of it over there on the right, only mine has amethyst. I also got a matching pair of earrings and a ring.

Met a new lady who was tending shop - and she was a sweetie.

Also found the Yarn Gallery - and it was HEAVEN. I just with that there was more crochet stuff in there. They had an AWESOME kit for an afghan, and I fell in love with the colors - but alas - it was for knitting. I did get the rest of the covers for my hooks. Just these foam cover things that help the comfort of holding the crochet hooks.

After that it was off to WalMart for groceries and a pair of boots for Chris. We didn't do too bad - I took breaks - no fights or stresses - which is always good.

Then, after we were home for a bit, Chris made my blocking board!!!!!


12" X 18" styrofoam board
2 pieces 12" X 18" stiff 'felt'
Duct Tape

Cover edges of teh board with the duct tape. Mark a grid on both pieces of felt. I used a 1" grid. Pin a piece of felt on the top and bottom of the board.
Voila! Instant blocking board! I like this type of board because the felt can wick the moisture away, the styrofoam is light, it's double sided, so I can use both sides and stand it up - and it's CHEAP!!!! Under $10 - less if you already have some of the supplies!

Gaisgeil of course had to get in on the action.

I made a yummy dinner tonight later on - and Chris LOVED it - which is a GREAT thing. I made my cheeseburger meatloaf - YES YES YES - I TOUCHED RAW MEAT!!!!

Though, I will say - don't EVER eat meatloaf, burgers or anything with hamburger if Chris makes it. 'Nuff said. *shudders*

After my update and I post to some groups it's into the shower with me - and then a relaxing night and *hiccup* - yummers.

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