Sunday, August 19, 2007


I SOOO did not get done this weekend what I wanted.

We did have a blast Friday at The Farm, though, so that's good.

But, a weekend of too much drinking, sleep deprivation, and a higher dosage of a med you used to be used to - and - well, just *blah*.

Broke out in hives/the itchies last night after taking a med I generally can handle, and this is what happened:

BUT, to end this on a good note - SOMEbody (Luhmpie) likes to help me play my piano every now and then. We were TRYING to get a picture of him when he sits next to me and puts his upper half of his body under my arm (between both of my arms) and watches me - but this was the closest we could get:


Riss said...

Hey, figured i'd come over here and leave you a message about the bags..

I actually typed up a big how to over on myspace because someone else was confused too :)

So here goes....

Here is a link to the bags website...


General interior stuff...

Motifs, which mostly look like granny squares..

Now, if you click on the pictures or the question marks above, it'll take you to a page like this:
And then, next to the main image, there is a yarn ball, knitting needles, a button, and an icon that kind of resembles a piece of paper with squares on it and things. If you click on the question marks next to this last image, it'll send you to another page, where you then click on the question marks with the link. It'll open a PDF, and you'll have to download the japanese characters (which might require a restart of your browser) but once it's all set, it'll load the pattern.

If you google "crochet pattern symbols" you'll get a great guide for reading the patterns.

I think that covers it...

Hope it helps! :)

Aurora said...

how cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a bummer! Another witch who crochets.. And you haven't blogged in a year..
There are so few of us out there ya know! LOL

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